Short, sharp, lightning-fast

Learning nibbler®

Learn cyber. Lightning-fast!

Short, sharp, lightning-fast

Learning nibbler®

Learn cyber. Lightning-fast!


The way to learn cyber security





Theatrical Learning

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What is a Learning Nibbler?

A Learning Nibbler finds bite-sized learning in everyday things and uses it to develop capabilities. Oh and this happens pretty darn fast!

The Matrix shows us this in action when Trinity asks her operator to download a program that enables her to fly a B212 helicopter. I believe we need to learn in a similar way to address the cyber skills shortage.


Hello, my name is Sumeet

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sumeet. Read more about my background and mission and I’ll show you how there is a bit of Nibbler in you too wink

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Learning platter

Learn a wide range of cyber concepts as you go. Follow and connect on socials.

Apply learning

Courses to upskill in cyber, transition to a cyber role and apply cyber programs in your work. Register at Arascina® – Cyber for non-techies.


Join the global #Switch2Cyber campaign. Whether you’re a cyber professional that can support or a professional looking to get into cyber, visit CyberUntangler® for details.

The Cyber Siblings

For cyber security on the go with podcasts and webinars, check out The Cyber Siblings®.

Cyber Presentations

Check out some of the global cybersecurity keynote presentations on the media page. If you are interested in hosting a keynote presentation, panel session, podcast or publishing in your magazine, please contact.


Always something to grow your cyber skills


Instructor-led online, short and sharp cyber security courses with simulated work experience for non-techies.


Connecting the experienced with those curious to learn. Find your buddy today.

The Cyber Siblings®

Podcasts and webinars for cybersecurity on the go.


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