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Mastering the art & science of nibbling

Hello #Nibblers! 🧠 Learn cyber. Lightning-fast. ⚡️

Well, hello there! I am a Learning Nibbler®. Are you a Learning Nibbler too? We find bite-sized learning in everyday things and use them to develop capabilities. Pretty darn fast!

Learning often takes a long time and needs to be maintained just like your health. The speed of change in today’s tech world means we’ve got to learn faster. My purpose is to enable you to learn cyber. Lightning-fast. ⚡️

My lightning-fast learning? I am a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Ethical Hacker, yet have built cyber and risk functions in financial services as an interim Chief Risk Officer and also a Head of Enterprise Risk, academia teaching four disciplines of Science at the University, SaaS technology in product management and consulting and industry roles covering Board advisory, strategy, data, operations and transformation across multiple industries… to name a few. Oh, and English is my third language.

Want to be a Learning Nibbler? Let’s connect and I’ll help you learn cyber, lightning-fast.

Sumeet Kukar | CEO Arascina® | Sector Lead – International Trade Representative | Teaching + Global Speaker 🌏

🥇 Former Australia’s Emerging Leader of the Year

My Mission

To provide a fast and fun learning alternative for cyber

The Problem

Professionals often find it difficult to break into a cyber career and there continues to be a cyber skills shortage globally.

My Vision

A learning style that breaks down career barriers.

My Mission

To provide a fast and fun learning alternative for cyber.

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