My Story

Mastering the art & science of nibbling

Hello Nibblers! 🧠 Learn lightning-fast. ⚡️

I am passionate about all things technology as well as teaching and life-long learning.

My experience varies across industry, consulting and running business ventures with a strong coverage of the financial services, software, academia, trade and consumer sectors.

I have a mixed background in strategy & operations, digital transformations, finance & tax, cyber security, teaching science at the University, risk & compliance, regulatory management and mergers & acquisitions. When it comes to problem-solving with the Board and other C-suites, I like to apply all these elements for informed decision-making.

Building such a diverse skillset has involved a lot of learning and experiences in different industries.

🥇 Former Australia’s Emerging Leader of the Year | Global Keynote Speaker 🌏

My Mission

To make technology transformations smoother

The Problem

We’re getting more digital with emerging technology shaping the way we work. Professionals often find it difficult to break manage that change and need to apply skills across multiple domains in order to navigate that change.

My Vision

A learning style that gets you critically thinking about the way you can leverage technology in your workplace or business and make transformations smoother.

My Mission

To provide a fast and fun learning place for navigating digital disruption.

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